Euro Flashback

The Euros kick off this evening (this afternoon in the States) with hosts France playing Romania. It means I will have twice as much football to write about from here until the June 26th finish of the Copa America.

The 2012 Euros was the first football tournament I wrote about–not online at the time–and as such it was for better or worse the first step toward this blog.

For anyone with a short memory and nostalgia for a tiki-taka world, here’s my account of that tournament, written late in the summer of 2012, the heart of it hammered out during evenings on the Jersey shore (couldn’t get more stoopid, am I right?) It’s a long one, so feel free to skip to the goals and assists of the tournament at the end (no videos, sadly, so you’ll have to dig them up on your own). The link below takes you to there; you can also get to it through the tournaments link in the navigation bar if you’re so inclined. Enjoy, and have a great Euro 2016.

2012 Euro: Poland/Ukraine

Embed from Getty Images

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