2010 . . . Again


South Africa 2010 – Looking Back

The Stoopid American has a bad case of World Cup fever.  With only three months to Brazil 2014, it’s hard to concentrate on even the Champions League (admittedly, a round of second leg dead rubbers don’t help).  So in addition to the World Cup Book Club (next up: Alex Bellos’s Futebol: The Brazilian Way of Life), I’ve put together an index of resources for reliving South Africa 2010.  You’ll find links to highlights for every game, and full game coverage for as many games as possible.  It also contains links to the complete coverage from podcasts Football Weekly and the Football Ramble, and tactical analysis from Zonal Marking.  It’s everything you need to jog your memory from four years ago.  One thing I can promise: no matter how you felt about them at the time, you’re going to hate those fucking vuvuzelas.


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