Here We Go

sportingkc_openerThere’s less than a hundred days to the opener of Brazil 2014, and the Premier League and La Liga are having two of their most exciting finishes in recent memory.  But who cares about all that?  It’s opening weekend of the 2014 season of Major League Soccer.  Someone set off some fireworks.

At least the Premier League has accommodated MLS with a weekend of only 5 games–and only one of any moment for neutrals (Chelsea – Tottenham).  Now that ESPN has deemed Major League Soccer as popular as Major League Baseball, I’m sure you’ll all be tuning in to catch Champions Sporting KC take on the Seattle Sounders (no chance Clint Dempsey will look as listless in an important season opener as he did midweek), or Sunday’s barnstormer between Chivas USA and the Chicago Fire on UniMás.

If you’re looking for a good preview for the upcoming season, you might check out the work over on SBNation.


It’s a slick interface with some good information.  Have at it.  Or, if a full-on preview is too much for you take in, try out their beginner’s guide to the MLS.  Enjoy.

UPDATE (8 March 2014): Liviu Bird has done an MLS power rankings for SI’s Planet Fútbol site.  It’s slim reading, but Bird knows his stuff.  Worth consulting before you place your bets.

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