H/T Index for World Cup 2014

2014openingceremonytreemanIt’s a day off, but stoopid Americans never rest.  So I thought I would go ahead and get a start on my H/T Index for Brazil 2014.  It’s a permanent page rather than a blog, so you can click on the link here or the one in the navigation bar (World Cup 2014) to get there.  The idea is to include links for everything you need to relive the World Cup, with pre-tournament analysis of the teams as well as full video, highlights, and analysis of games wherever possible. For the time-being, that’s pretty easy. I’ve included links to ESPN3 coverage of every game, both the regular feed and the tactical cam view (a stationary, full-field camera designed to give you a complete albeit bird’s eye view of the entire pitch at all times), and FIFA‘s official 2 minute highlights. As these links die (probably in a year or two for ESPN3) or become obsolete (I prefer 8-15 minute highlights when available), I will probably transition to YouTube links, which is what I used for my South Africa 2010 H/T Index. Analysis should be more stable, at least in the short term. I currently include all podcasts from the Guardian’s Football Weekly (temporarily the World Cup Football Daily) and from The Football Ramble, as well as tactical analysis from Michael Cox’s Zonal Marking website (I do not chase down his writings for other media outlets). I’ve also added some other fun links for the time being in the “General Resources” section. If there’s anything else you think I should be including, please let me know.

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