Diving In

3995115651_1be553523c_zOnly had time to catch the Manchester United – West Ham game today, due to holiday “fixture” congestion in  real life.  It wasn’t much of a game to be honest, but I did enjoy Trevor Francis and Gary Taphouse berating Adnan Januzaj for a pair of dives in the game, the second of which earned him a yellow.  Francis suggested that this was not Januzaj’s first “trouble” with diving, and once the back-of-the-house boys had confirmed, Taphouse added that the young star “wouldn’t want to get a reputation for simulation.”  Yes, it wouldn’t do to follow in the footsteps of Gareth Bale or Luis Suarez.  Meanwhile, Wayne Rooney’s 12′ dive (a real beauty, it must be said) to earn a dangerous free kick at the top of the box for his team went without mention.  I guess Janujaz will need to declare for England if he wants to get those calls.

In other news, it was a relief to see Modibo Maiga, after his game-winning goal against Tottenham in the Capital One Cup, returning to his typical form.  In fairness, Maiga had little service today, and when he did performed well in the air.  Certainly, he is looking better than he has the rest of the season, when he would have been hard pressed to hit water falling off a boat.

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