Designing Football

Back after awhile away with a variety of design-related material involving football and other athletic logos.  I’ll be back this weekend with some more MLS notes, and early next week with some analysis of Newcastle.

First off are a set of minimalist redesigns of famous football club logos by Manara Design Studio.  If you haven’t seen these, you should definitely check out (click on the image below to see the gallery).


If you’re taken with these new twists on some classic clubs, you may also enjoy these redesigns of American football logos in European terms.  The plan appears to be to run through four different national rebrandings for each of the current NFL franchises.  It’s a pretty slickly designed site so long as the server isn’t overloaded (again click on the image to get to the gallery).


Of course, sometimes the best designs are the classics.  For English soccer, a wonderful blog has been put together tracking the history of crests, colors, and nicknames.  It’s a great resource, and I urge you to check it out.


On the other hand, sometimes the classics aren’t so classic after all.  Returning to the American sports scene, here’s a collection of cautionary tales in design collected by Mike Tanier.  Except for the Tampa Bay Bucaneer.  I love that salty fuchsia sailor.


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