What’s Going On Here?

Stoopid American offers one view from the States on European football, particularly the English Premier League.  Although football is the only genuinely global sport, many of the trends in the business and reception of the sport have clearly been pioneered in the United States.  As such, an American perspective has something to add to the conversation.  I will highlight areas in which American and British attitudes towards and experience of sports differ.  I am particularly interested in how fantasy sports and the statistical revolution connected to them relate to football.  European resistance to the business of sports is another area where an American perspective is particularly helpful.  Along the way, I will also offer more general reflections on the game and analysis of specific teams and games.


A statue of Paul Revere, the pacy libero who organized the Continental XIII’s defense in their historic victory over the much-favored English Red Coats in the 1776 Articles of Confederation Cup.

3 responses to “What’s Going On Here?

  1. Hi Garth,
    Nice blog in which you raise some interesting points. I have a question regarding EPL fantasy: To VP or not VP that is the question?
    43% think to be VP, what are your thoughts? He is perhaps over priced, but is he the certainty nearly half think he is?

    See you soon


    • Kevin, I’ve RVPed. He replaced Sturridge for me, so we’ll see if he can add to his opening goal in the 2nd half. But he’s the only player I’d want from Moyes United, while Liverpool offers other options.

  2. ohhh…i’ve got to do it…

    i had rvp from the get go…then got too excited about possibility of so many other ‘toys’ at my disposal. having said that, studge still notched and welbeck outscored rvp. so, not essential…but essentially safe (if that makes any sense).

    do agree, however, with the stoopidamerican (no idea who the hell that guy is…could be any number of a several million) that it really has to be rvp, possibly welbeck, and nobody else.

    be warned though…if rvp scores again this coming weekend…that 14 mil price tag is going to be more like 14.5 (which might also indicate stoopid football fans beyond north america).

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