The Men and Women’s Pay Gap

The men and women pay gap is detrimental for women lives

Made by: Olivia R and Elizabeth B

This article was made to inform people who are unaware of the men and women’s pay gap about the growing problem.

The pay gap for different races of women are, black women make 59 cents, Native American women make 36 cents, Asian women make 25 cents, and white women make 21 cents for every white mans dollar.

Women age gaps, Women ages 16+ earn 80%, women ages 16-29 earn 89%, women ages 30-49 earn 84%, women ages 50+ earn 77% doing the same job for the same hours as men in the Milwaukee area,Wisconsin.

Black women also have higher student loan debt, so they are most likely to be in low wage jobs to gain back the money they lost.

Women’s unemployment rate jumped form 2.6 percent to 18.2 percent, more than twice the rate for men.

Feeling the need to reduce working hours:
Mother 54% Father 44%

Feeling like they can’t give 100% at the workplace:
Mother 51% Father 43%

Most likely to turn down a promotion:
Mother 23% Father 15%

Treated as if not committed to work:
Mother 27% Father 20%

Looked over for an important assignment:
Mother 19% Father 14%

Looked over for a promotion:
Mother 19% Father 13%

Mothers are twice as likely to say time off was negative impact than fathers.

When mothers come home, they seem to be more stressed or have a heavier load than fathers.

A 2019 study shows mothers with a child to look after the is ages 18 or younger, are more likely to turn down a promotion, take more hours off, or get a part time job than a fathers also caring for a child the same age.

As Covid is starting to get fixed the pay gap is growing.

The more transparent managers are at their jobs, the more likely women will have better wages.

Equal Pay Day, In 2022 it falls on Tuesday March 15 .

“This date symbolizes now far into the year women must work to earn what men earned the previous year.” Says the National Committee on Pay Equity (NCPE).

“Equal Pay Day was originated by the NCPE in 1996 as a public awareness event to illustrate the gap between men’s and women’s wages. It was originally called National Pay Inequity Awareness Day, and changed to equal pay dap in 1998.

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Sate Male Pay Female Pay Pay Gap

Utah $57, 247 $39,944 $17,303

New Jersey $67,367 $53,933 $13,434

Louisiana $51,976 $37,050 $14,926

Wisconsin $52,394 $42,417 $9,977

Kansas $51,687 $40,941 $10,746

Oklahoma $49,839 $36,537 $13,302

Wyoming has the biggest pay gap with a whopping $21,676 gap, Vermont has the smallest with a $4,600 gap.

Here is the cite to the map/graph above, this will give you a hands on experience: -This is the map right above -racial-justice-issue