World Cup Reading for January

sunshadowUpcoming: World Cup Book Club

A quick update on coming plans: starting in January, I’ll be kicking off a World Cup Book Club feature reviewing some relevant football books you might consider reading in the build-up to Brasil 2014.  The first book on the schedule is Eduardo Galeano’s Soccer/Football in Sun and Shadow, the Mark Fried translation of El fútbol a sol y sombra.  An Uruguayan, Galeano is an author of serious pedigree but also a real football fan, and I can tell you from the outset that this is a book well worth your time.  I’ll be posting my review sometime in early January (the idea is to have a book review every other month leading up to the World Cup.  If you’re interested in reading along, you can pick up a copy from Amazon, or from fine booksellers everywhere.

sunshadow7While there are lots of editions available, be aware that this text is updated after each World Cup, so if you want to have everything Galeano’s written in it through 2010, you need to get the 2009 edition (I know, weird).  Enjoy, and back soon with some analysis of Newcastle United.

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