Cardiff Catch-up

Gary Medel

A report on Aston Villa without Benteke is still in the works, but for the time-being, here’s two good articles by others to follow up on my analysis of Cardiff City from back in August.

The first is a really sharp account of Cardiff’s tactical strengths and weakenesses by Jed Davies.  By sharp, of course, I mean one that affirms my own comments about Odemwingie’s likely role, the importance of Cardiff’s right flank, and Medel’s role with the club.  Davies, though, has some especially insightful comments about the structure of Cardiff’s defense that are really worth checking out.

And speaking of Medel, the second article is Sam Johnson‘s assessment of the “tamed” Pitbull’s preformance thus far.  Johnson really underscores how impressive Medel has been thus far for the Bluebirds.

With all the current shenanigans going on at Cardiff, one can only hope that Tan hasn’t finally shot his team in the foot.  Unless he has a Pochettino waiting in the wings, it’s to see the potential departure of Malky Mackay as anything other than disastrous for the club.  With Crystal Palace already looking a lock for immediate relegation, you would hate to see Cardiff join them this early in the season.  However thankful Sunderland, Fulham, and Stoke City would be, it would be sad news for the rest of us.  Let’s hope Mackay at least sticks around for the first South Wales derby in early November.  For all Cardiff’s fine play, it’s hard not to believe that the coach is critical to their success.  Craig Bellamy certainly thinks so, and who wouldn’t trust him?

Craig Bellamy

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